Michigan Solicitation of a Minor Lawyer

In Michigan, there are several offenses involving minors who are under 18 that you should be aware of. These crimes include human trafficking, solicitation of a minor for an immoral purpose, accosting a minor, gross indecency and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The bottom line is that allegations involving minors include a very wide variety of allegations that can land a person in trouble. There is no doubt that offenses involving a person under 18 is often punished far more severely than when the alleged victim is an adult.

The biggest problem with charges like solicitation of a minor, accosting a minor for an immoral purpose, accosting a minor, and gross indecency will carry consequences that will force an offender to register on the Michigan sex offender registry. Even a plea to a reduced misdemeanor can carry serious penalties. It is vital that people accused of these crimes build a strong defense against their charges and determine what is motivating the complainant to make a false claim when the allegations are not true.

If you are in this situation, our office could help you through this process and help you determine which law will apply – whether that will be solicitation, accosting, or gross indecency. A skilled attorney from Smith Lehman will explain the state’s sometimes confusing laws, evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s case, and design a defense to protect your rights.

What Does it Mean to Solicit Another Person for Prostitution?

State law has long enforced that it is illegal to offer sexual services for money. However, it is just as illegal to be on the other side of the transaction. Someone who provides cash in exchange for sexual activity is just as liable as the person selling it.

However, the law in this area is more complex than it at first appears. According to Michigan Penal Code § 750.449a(1), the solicitation of a prostitute includes more than just providing cash. It can also include other forms of payment, such as property, a place to stay, or any other benefit.

It is illegal to merely offer to make this exchange, whether or not sexual activity actually occurs. A Michigan solicitation of a minor attorney could provide more information about the state’s solicitation laws.

How Solicitation of a Minor Creates Legal Complications

In many cases, solicitation of another person for prostitution is a misdemeanor. The punishments for the offense are a maximum jail term of 93 days, a fine of $500, or both. In Detroit specifically, however, a conviction for soliciting an adult prostitute will result in a mandatory 45 days of jail. When the target of the alleged solicitation, accosting, or gross indecency is a child under the age of 18, the penalties are much harsher.

State law outlines the penalties for convictions for each offense mentioned above. solicitation of a minor, accosting a minor and gross indecency all require registration and are considered felonies in Michigan.  Finally, all of the charges mentioned can result in jail or prison time and hefty fines and costs.

Defending against these allegations requires knowledge of these laws. One obvious method of defense is to argue that the target of the alleged solicitation was not a child at the time of the alleged offense if something has happened between the accused and the accuser. It is also possible to argue that any contact was misinterpreted by the minor, or simply a lie. In any event, a lawyer in our office will be able to present these defenses to the court.

Let a Michigan Solicitation of a Child Attorney Fight to Protect Your Future

Allegations that a person has solicited a minor to participate in sexual activity are serious. Clearly, accosting a minor and gross indecency are also very serious. A conviction for this crime could label a defendant a felon for life, and these offenses carry significant social stigmas.

Working with a Michigan solicitation of a minor lawyer like us could help to prevent this outcome. We will listen to your side of the story, perform an in-depth investigation into the facts, and formulate a defense that may minimize the consequences of your charges. Contact a Michigan solicitation of a child attorney at our firm today to learn more.