Criminal Sexual Conduct

The Right Time to Hire an Attorney

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. The police have contacted me about an allegation of criminal sexual conduct. When is the right time to hire an attorney?

A. The right time to hire an attorney is immediately. Many times, Smith Blythe, PC gets involved before an accusation turn into a case…and often, charges will be dropped before a case begins. If charges are going to result, it is critical to start off on the right foot and receive the advice of an attorney who has experience in handling sex crimes. Sex cases are very different from other types of criminal cases. For that reason, it is not only important to hire an experienced attorney, but it is critical to hire an attorney who focuses on sex crimes.

It is especially critical for teachers facing accusations of sexual misconduct to hire a firm that has the experience to understand how teacher cases work. Smith Blythe, PC is known statewide for successfully representing teachers who find themselves in this position.

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