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When Results Matter

A Michigan sex crime conviction can carry serious consequences which may include prison time and registration as a sex offender.  Our track record of aggressive defense shows that we have helped numerous clients avoid incarceration and registration.

Lawyers that Other Lawyers Trust

Most of our referrals are from other lawyers who know our reputation and success. Sometimes we act as co-counsel with other attorneys who need help on their sex cases. Additionally, Gail Benson provides consulting services to other lawyers on a case-by-case basis.        

Experience with the Top Experts

We have spent years developing relationships with the top experts in forensic interviewing, child psychology & development, memory and suggestibility, parental alienation syndrome and sex offender evaluation & counseling.  

We Know the System

Most of the time, investigations of sex crimes involve the police, Child Protective Services and forensic interviewing facilities (like Carehouse, Kids Talk and Child Assessment Centers).  We have extensive experience and understand how to obtain all of the relevant information to your case that other lawyers may overlook.

As Seen On:

The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, PC is known throughout Michigan for successfully defending clients accused of criminal sexual conduct and serious child abuse allegations.  In these cases, often times clients are facing not only criminal charges, but also have to resolve issues with Child Protective Services and may face termination of their parental rights.  Shannon Smith has the experience and ability to help you in every aspect of your case, including the criminal courts, juvenile courts and even family courts.  Shannon has represented numerous men, women, juveniles, teachers and other professionals facing these types of charges.

Shannon Smith uses a team approach these cases, which has proved to be very successful.  Shannon was trained directly by Gail Benson who has practiced for 39 years and remains “of counsel” to the firm.  Shannon has developed a strong network of experts and resources that she routinely consults with on cases.  By understanding the research in psychology and being able to identify issues related to memory, suggestibility, adolescent development, offender behavior and forensic interviewing techniques, Shannon has been able to develop winning strategies that have frequently gotten cases dismissed before trial.

If a case goes to trial, Shannon Smith also has extensive trial experience in the criminal courts, abuse/neglect courts and family courts.  Shannon is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s elite Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming where she graduated in 2011.  By determining the story of the case, including the motivations of the people involved to make false allegations, exaggerate claims and to accomplish their own secondary gains, Shannon can often figure out what is driving a case.

Shannon does not only handle cases that are proximate to her office in Bloomfield Hills.  Shannon has successfully handled cases in numerous counties throughout Michigan, including Kent County, Bay County, Lapeer County, Eaton County and many others.  Shannon maintains a small caseload so that she is able to dedicate herself to each and every case she agrees to take on.  Most of Shannon Smith’s cases are referred to her by other lawyers because Shannon is widely known and trusted throughout the state.

 What to Expect if You are Accused

Allegations of Michigan criminal sexual conduct and child abuse are the most frightening for any person to face.  Most of Shannon’s clients have never been in trouble before, are unfamiliar with the legal system and find themselves in a confusing and scary place.  These allegations carry serious consequences including prison time, registration on the sex offender registry and often, the possibility of losing their children.  In addition to the serious consequences that are possible, Shannon understands that the client has to live with the social stigma that is attached to being accused of the worst allegations possible and may face losing their job and reputation.

If you or a loved one is accused of a sex crime or child abuse allegation, you probably have a million questions running through your head.  Shannon Smith provides the kind of personalized attention you need at this critical time and can answer all of your questions.  Shannon has extensive experience guiding clients through these cases.  Many times, Shannon is hired before a warrant is issued or before Child Protective Services files a petition with the Court.  By attacking these cases aggressively and early on, many of Shannon’s clients have avoided charges or improved the final outcome of the case by proactively defending it from the beginning.  Shannon has also represented numerous clients once they have been arrested or a petition has been filed.  The sooner Shannon can start working with you, the easier it is for her to get your case on the right track and to begin preparing your CSC defense.

In the meantime, and until you have spoken to Shannon Smith, the best thing is to keep quiet.  Do not agree to speak with law enforcement or Child Protective Services and do not agree to take a lie detector test.  After consulting with a sex crime lawyer from our office, we may make a decision to make statements, answer questions or even take a polygraph, but until that decision has been made with a qualified attorney, it is important to keep your mouth shut.  Shannon will tell you exactly what materials you should begin to prepare when she meets with you.

 Focusing Only on Criminal Sexual Conduct and Child Abuse

Would you go to a general doctor for heart surgery? Of course not.  Simply put, we are not a general criminal defense practice.  Unlike other law firms, we do not have ten other websites claiming to focus on a variety of cases.  We exclusively represent clients accused of criminal sexual conduct and serious child abuse.  As a result, we do it really, really well.

If you prefer a lawyer who dabbles in drunk driving, drug cases and defends a murder case here and there, we are not the firm for you.  If you are looking for aggressive and solid representation because you or a loved one is accused of criminal sexual conduct or child abuse, you have found the right firm.

Our narrow focus has brought tremendous success.  Criminal sexual conduct and child abuse cases are very different and complex compared other kinds of criminal charges.  The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, PC has extensive knowledge of the research and psychological studies that win these cases, particularly when a child or adolescent makes allegations.  We have close relationships with the top experts in the field and extensive experience dealing with law enforcement, Child Protective Services and the Courts.  Our many success stories speak for themselves.

Recognition and Awards

In May of 2014, Shannon was selected as the recipient of the Annual Women Bar Association Award for exemplifying professionalism, excellence and dedication to furthering opportunities for women in the law.  In 2014, Shannon was nominated as a SuperLawyer after being nominated every year since 2011 as a Rising Star.  Shannon is a member of the National Trial Lawyers and was selected as a Top 100 Attorney in 2013 and 2014.  Additionally, she was recognized in the Top 40 under 40 each year since 2012.  Shannon has lectured to the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan about using experts in criminal sexual conduct cases. She will be presenting another presentation this June about forensic interviewing issues to the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar.

Please call our office to schedule a consultation if you or a loved one is facing an allegation of criminal sexual conduct or child abuse.  We look forward to speaking with you about your case.