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Professionals Accused of Sex Crimes

Any person facing an allegation of illegal sexual conduct in Michigan should act swiftly to protect their future. Even a conviction for a misdemeanor under state law can result in incarceration, registration as a sex offender, and a permanent criminal record. For certain professionals, like doctors and teachers there can also be licensing consequences.

For people who are employed as white-collar professionals, the need to mount a sufficient defense is even more important. The mere appearance of impropriety can be enough to damage one’s career and reputation in their community. A conviction could lead to the forfeiture of your professional license and the inability to practice your chosen vocation.

Experience matters.

The attorneys in our Michigan office can help you if you are a professional facing accusations of sex crimes. We have extensive experience in this field in particular.  We have represented, for example, many doctors, teachers, dentists, college professors and nurses. Legal counsel is instrumental and paramount in mounting a defense in court. Working to control the narrative prior to your trial is even more important.

Working to protect the reputations of professionals

All sexual crimes and unwanted or forced sexual acts in Michigan are referred to as criminal sexual conduct.

Crimes like these range from rape and sexual assault to child molestation and child pornography. The penalties depend on which degree of criminal sexual conduct you are charged with. 

There are 4 degrees of criminal sexual conduct in Michigan - all with different penalties

Up to life in prison, as well as possible lifetime monitoring.

Up to 15 years in prison, as well as possible lifetime monitoring.

Up to 15 years in prison.

Up to 2 years in prison and a fine of up to $500.

Allegations of any sex crime in Michigan can place a person's freedom in jeopardy, but the detrimental impact these accusations can have on a professional's reputation should not be overlooked.

A mere arrest for a sex crime allegation can damage a person’s standing in their profession and cause them to lose their job. Even if the case ends with an acquittal before the charges go to trial, local media may report on the case and damage an individual’s personal relationships or business prospects. We are skilled at not only handling cases for professionals, but also with dealing with the media attention. In many cases, the media loses interest, and our clients are happy to not be in the spotlight. Where media cannot be avoided, however, we will work with you to determine the best strategy.

At times in some of our cases, the attorneys in our Michigan office have filed creative motions to help our clients have relief during the pendency of the case. For example, we have experience asking judges to impose gag orders and limits on media coverage

Providing a vigorous defense in court

Protecting a person’s reputation in the community will be pointless unless that person is able to avoid a conviction. Every allegation of a sex crime in Michigan is a serious matter. Unfortunately, many of our clients have never been in trouble and find their lives flipped upside down as soon as an allegation surfaces. Even the least serious version of criminal sexual conduct allegations, such as criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree under Michigan Penal Code § 750.520e, can result in incarceration, registration as a sex offender, fines, costs and more. 

More serious allegations will be charged as felonies. If the claim involves unwelcome sexual intercourse or accusations of sexual conduct involving a minor, it can result in decades-long prison sentences. In the most severe cases, a conviction for criminal sexual conduct in the first degree can result in a life sentence. If the allegations involve a child under 13, a 25 year mandatory minimum sentence applies. A sex crimes lawyer in Michigan like the skilled lawyers in our office can  use our experience to help professionals like you, regardless of the charge.   

Let a sex crimes attorney protect your professional reputation

Working as a professional often places individuals in close contact with others in a work setting. Allegations that you have committed illegal sex acts with people under your care can bring especially serious consequences, and unfortunately, can have an impact before a case even goes to trial.

Shannon Smith is a Michigan lawyer skilled at preparing defenses when professionals find themselves accused of sex crimes.  She is ready to fight for you in and out of court. Avoiding a conviction for any version of a sex crime is always of paramount importance, but we can also help minimize the other devastating consequences that come with merely being accused. Contact our office today to speak with a sex crimes attorney in Michigan. Knowing your legal options and possible strategies will immediately give you hope. 

Attorneys with experience defending criminal sexual conduct charges can help your case in some of the following ways:

Providing Legal Expertise

Giving Careful Case Analysis

Having Certain Evidence Thrown Out

Getting Charges Reduced

Getting Charges Dropped

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