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Criminal Sexual Conduct

A sex crime accusation is not something to take lightly. While penalties for sex crime convictions in Michigan can vary depending on the degree and the severity of the case, all penalties are serious and many convictions lead to mandatory sex offender registration.

Anyone can be charged with a criminal sexual conduct charge.

At Shannon Smith Law, we have represented juveniles, professionals, and even educators who have been accused of criminal sexual conduct. The accusation by itself can be detrimental to relationships and even careers.

But you don’t have to go through your defense process alone. Experienced criminal sexual conduct defense attorneys in Michigan know the laws and how to defend you against these types of charges. Our legal team at Shannon Smith Law has over 26 years of combined experience successfully defending clients charged with serious sexual conduct offenses.

What is criminal sexual conduct?

Criminal sexual conduct is any type of unwanted or forced sexual crime. The laws regarding criminal sexual conduct are gender neutral and include multiple types of sexual contact up to and including penetration. All of these types of charges contain a level of assaultive conduct, so they typically deal with levels of force or intimidation. (Sexual indecency, for example, would not be considered criminal sexual conduct as it lacks this type of assaultive nature.)

Examples of criminal sexual conduct include:

In Michigan, there are 4 different degrees of criminal sexual conduct.

Previous Wins

Real criminal sexual conduct cases. Real results.

Case Dismissed

Our client was charged with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct and facing a minimum of 25 years in prison for touching his friend’s daughter during the middle of the night. After the preliminary examination, the charges were significantly reduced to 2nd degree CSC. Ultimately, on the day of trial, the case was completely dismissed by the prosecution.

Charges Dropped

Juvenile client was accused of sexually assaulting three different people at various parties while drinking alcohol. We were able to gather evidence from the school and other sources to show a plot to accuse our client from a group of “friends” looking to get him in trouble. Once revealed, all charges were dropped.

Not Guilty

Client was formally charged with 3rd and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly sexually assaulting his daughter’s 14-year-old best friend . After a week long jury trial in Eaton County, our client was found NOT GUILTY on all counts and the case was dismissed. 

Our goal at Shannon Smith Law is to ensure everyone gets a fair trial and that your side of the story is told.

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