Minors and Juveniles Accused of CSC

Just as adults, minors can also be accused of criminal sexual conduct. This most often happens against other minors in places such as at school, on school trips, or in locker rooms. Sometimes, minors do not realize that these acts are wrong or do not fully understand their consequences. Protecting the rights of minors throughout these allegations is just as important as protecting those of an adult.

Recently, in Mingo County, West Virginia, two male seventh grade students were accused of sexually assaulting two female students over the course of several months in 2012 and into 2013. It was said in a court document that both of the boys acted as a team in performing these sexual assaults against the girls, specifically with fondling the girls. One of the female students claims that she was also raped on a class trip. Both of the male students have been charged with juvenile offenses by the prosecutor in Mingo County, and other allegations of matters involving the school covering up the assaults have arose.

In a situation like the one above, it is imperative for your child’s rights to be protected. Charges of criminal sexual conduct against a minor have a damaging potential for the rest of the child’s life. In Michigan, even young adolescents may be required to register as a sex offender on the non-public registry. Understanding these allegations is also traumatic for parents. If your child has been accused of committing a crime of criminal sexual conduct, or has been accused of another type of sexual allegation, it is important to have a defense team with the experience in this specific area of law to provide the best defense for your child in juvenile court. Speaking to an attorney should bring the comfort and understanding needed for the parents to make it through this difficult time. The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, P.C. is skilled in the area of criminal sexual conduct law and has significant experience representing juveniles, even young children accused of sex offenses.

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