When an adult is accused of a crime of criminal sexual conduct against a minor, action needs to be taken against that accusation immediately. Criminal sexual conduct matters involving children are very serious issues that can carry high levels of punishment. Sometimes, however, the evidence against the accused is minimal and involves the word of a child alone.

Experts are Necessary in Cases Involving Children Making Allegations

In April of this year, a couple from New Orleans pleaded guilty to two counts of cruelty against juveniles and obscenity. This was a plea deal offered by the prosecution. The couple was originally charged with rape, incident behavior with a juvenile, and other sexual assault charges. The prosecution decided to offer the plea bargain when it was found that there were evidentiary concerns with the interviews of the two children involved. This decision came after the prosecution received the expert witnesses’ report from the defense attorney representing the couple. It was ultimately determined that the interviews with the children would not be beneficial to the prosecution’s case, so the charges against the couple were lowered.

Statements from children can often be discredited from the use of expert testimony, especially in cases of criminal sexual conduct. Experts can show how a child may have been mistaken about an event, or how a child may be remembering a false memory. It is important that the defense attorney you hire is well versed in the research and studies involving statements from children. Smith Blythe, PC is experienced and well educated in this specific area. If you are accused or charged with a crime of criminal sexual conduct against a minor, it is also important that you hire an attorney with experience in this concentrated area of the law. Smith Blythe, PC, P.C. has the experience needed to handle cases of criminal sexual conduct involving minors and can mold the best possible defense argument for your specific case.

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