1. We have experience. If you are coming to us, you probably have been charged with criminal sexual conduct. The lawyers at the Smith Blythe, PC have the knowledge to defend you because we focus their criminal defense practice on sex crimes. We have experience representing adults, professionals, teachers and juveniles facing allegations of sex crimes. It is critical to have an attorney that understands the intricacies of sex crimes, rather than one who dabbles in sex defense, drunk driving, drug cases, murder, etc.

  2. We will discuss the cost up front. There will be no hidden surprises. You will know how much it will cost to retain us in advance so that you can evaluate if it is affordable for you and your family. There will not be surprise attorney fee charges later. We find it is in our best interest and your best interest to be very up front about money. Click here for more information.

  3. We are accessible. If you have a question, you will be able to reach your attorney immediately. You will not be calling and calling and waiting on a return call for days. Not only will you have our office number, but you will also have your attorney’s cell phone number which you are welcome to call. We are in constant contact with our clients, which is unlike most other lawyers.

  4. You will have a defense and we will put on your side of the story. Many lawyers have no interest in putting together a case for you. They will tell you that the burden of proof is on the prosecution to put on a case and it’s up to the defense to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. While this is true, we think it is critical for you to have your side presented as well. We are not afraid to have our clients testify. We will interview potential witnesses and put on defense witnesses if it will help your case. Even though it’s far more work, it is worth it.

  5. We have excellent relationships with experts that can help you win. In many cases of criminal sexual conduct, especially those involving children, experts may be needed to teach the jury about child psychology and development to show a jury why a child is mistaken, lying or has been tainted by suggestive statements by other adults. In other cases, an expert opinion showing that you are not a predator may help get charges dismissed prior to trial. We work hard to maintain good relationships with all of the experts we use because sometimes, they are critical to the case. Other lawyers do not always know how to effectively use an expert witness. See here for one example.

  6. We travel throughout the state defending allegations of criminal sexual conduct. While we take cases close to home, we frequently travel to other counties in Michigan to defend allegations of criminal sexual conduct. Because of our narrow area of practice and our success throughout the state, many times our clients hire us from across the state to defend them. In the past year, we have had cases all over including Berrien County, Hillsdale County, Calhoun County, Washtenaw County and many more.

  7. We will fight tirelessly for you. Just because a child is making the allegations, we will fight hard and tirelessly for you. We are firm believers that many allegations of criminal sexual conduct are false and that there is far more to the story than allegations of criminal sexual conduct. We have been able to uncover a variety of motivations and reasons these allegations are started and how they come to be. Our experience will help uncover what is really happening in your case.

  8. We will have a sound strategy to attack your case. Through investigating the case on our own, we will determine the best plan of attack to defend allegations of criminal sexual conduct. We have learned that by doing our own investigation and collecting various materials through discovery processes and subpoenas, we can often find information that can help your defense. Because of this, we leave no stone unturned and from start to finish you will see why our strategies obtain acquittals.

  9. We have a solid track record that proves our success. Enough said.

  10. If we take your case, you will know you are in the best hands. Criminal sexual conduct cases require an extreme amount of effort and time to adequately defend each case. For this reason, we cannot and do not take on every client who wants to retain us. Depending on the timing and the work required for your case, we will only accept your case if we know we have the time and ability to adequately represent you. Our reputation means more to us than anything else. We will not jeopardize our reputation or results and take on every case. If we cannot represent you, we will refer you to another qualified attorney who can help.

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