The attorneys at Smith Lehman, PC focus on representing clients throughout all counties in Michigan accused of criminal sexual conduct. It is not only important to hire a criminal defense attorney, but it is critical to hire one that has an understanding of how to defend sex cases. The attorneys at Smith Blythe, PC dedicate their Michigan practice to representing men, women, teachers, professionals and even juveniles who find themselves accused of criminal sexual conduct.

Sex cases are different from other types of criminal cases. The personal dynamics of these cases make criminal sexual conduct cases different. Many times, the complaining witness has a close relationship with the person they accuse. Family dynamics and relationship issues between the complaining witness and the accused need to be explored. Many cases appear to be “he said – she said” situations. The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith will determine the best strategy to defend your case.

Children and teenagers frequently make the allegations. Expert witnesses can often use child development and child psychology to explain how a child may be mistaken, lying or may have been influenced by suggestive questioning. Recently, there have been convictions overturned because some lawyers do not know how to effectively use the studies, research and experts that win cases. This is why it is critical to hire a lawyer that has the experience to defend allegations of criminal sexual conduct.

Smith Lehman, PC uses a team approach to aggressively defend allegations of criminal sexual conduct. The firm will design a strategy and plan to attack the allegations. Shannon Smith and Gail Benson have teamed up on numerous CSC cases in the past few years. As a result, they have been unstoppable and continue to work together to defend the falsely accused throughout Michigan. To schedule a consultation with Mariell Lehman and Shannon Smith, please call as soon as possible.

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