On May 30, 2015, Shannon Smith from Smith Blythe, PC, PC presented at the Young Lawyers Section 2015 Summit Conference in Detroit, Michigan. Shannon presented the topic “What Every Attorney Needs to Know about Child Protective Services.”

After providing background and general information about Michigan Child Protective Services cases, Shannon also included some specific “how to” information to the lawyers in attendance. Specifically, Shannon explained how a lawyer can obtain a copy of a Child Protective Services report if they represent a parent, an alleged perpetrator or someone unrelated to the child at issue (if there is another pending court case where the information is necessary to decide an issue). Shannon also gave information about the Central Registry, forensic interviewing of children, investigations by CPS and gave practical advice to lawyers. If you or your lawyer would like a copy of the presentation materials and handouts, please contact our office and we will forward the same by e-mail.

If you are facing allegations or an investigation with Child Protective Services in Michigan and need a lawyer to help you, please call our office immediately. Shannon Smith has extensive experience representing parents accused of abuse and neglect, including very serious allegations such as criminal sexual conduct, molestation, sexual abuse and physical abuse.

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