At Smith Lehman, we fight for people accused of Michigan sex crimes.  We handle both adult and juvenile cases and have strategies that will help if you are facing this type of a case.

Allegations of Michigan sex crimes including criminal sexual conduct and child sexual abuse often require expert testimony – both from the State and from the defense.


In Michigan, the Michigan Court Rules require as mandatory that the prosecution provide the defense with the following: The curriculum vitae of an expert the party may call at trial and either a report by the expert or a written description of the substance of the proposed testimony of the expert, the expert’s opinion, and the underlying basis of that opinion. It is critical to have a Michigan sex crimes attorney when facing such serious allegations that can cause you to go to prison or be registered as a sex offender.

Oftentimes, however, these crucial documents are not presented to defense counsel.  Attorneys who do not routinely practice in the areas of Michigan sex crimes many times miss this important step.  At our firm, we find that on appeals we handle this is often an issue. For example, even when the prosecution supplies defense counsel with medical records, they often do not include the underlying basis of the physician’s opinion – the result of which could have dire consequences for the accused.

Expert subjects that are routinely used in Michigan sex crimes cases include physical injury reports by SANE examiners and reports about victims of violence.  It is important to know the allegations that you are facing and what expert testimony will come in at trial.  This seriously makes a difference in defending difficult cases and should absolutely not be overlooked.

If you or a loved one is facing a case involving Michigan sex crimes, contact our office to set up a consultation.

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