False accusations of criminal sexual conduct are all too common in today’s world. Shannon Smith has helped numerous people defend false allegations, both before charges and after charges were issued. These cases have high stakes — the punishments often include potential prison time and registration as a sex offender. For more information about our specific successes — see our success stories page — the volume of success we have earned speaks for itself.

In a recent story out of the United Kingdom, a law student, who had recently graduated, falsely accused her boyfriend of raping her and assaulting her a number of times. Her allegations caused her boyfriend at the time to be charged with 11 counts of rape and 9 of assault and detained in prison for 30 days. During the investigation, evidence of alibis and work records of the boyfriend dismissed some of the allegations against him. Rhiannon Brooker then admitted to fabricating the stories. She is now being prosecuted for bringing false accusations, and according to the prosecution, she did this because she was not performing well in her barrister assessments and needed an excuse to explain why.

There is no reasonable excuse for bringing a false accusation of criminal sexual conduct against another person. Sometimes, there is available evidence that dismisses charges of criminal sexual conduct quickly, or the alleged victim admits to fabricating a story. Other times, it is not so simple to dismiss the allegations. Allegations of criminal sexual conduct are serious matters that sometimes include harsh punishments.

If you have been falsely accused of a crime of criminal sexual conduct it is imperative that you hire an experienced defense attorney skilled in that particular area of law. Smith Blythe, PC is trained and specifically focused in the area of criminal sexual conduct law. The experienced team at Smith Blythe, PC, P.C. will dedicate its time into investigating the false allegations brought against you and work diligently to formulate your best defense.

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