Frequently students on college campuses will find themselves facing charges of criminal sexual conduct. New federal regulations have caused campuses to become hyper vigilant in their efforts to protect students. Students are not only potentially be punished in the legal system but also often times they face consequences by the college or university. Often times, these allegations will fail to hold in the legal system, but can have the opposite outcome through the college board.

University Investigations of Criminal Sexual Conduct

Caleb Warner, a student at the University of North Dakota, found himself in a similar situation when he was accused of criminal sexual conduct involving a female student at the university in 2010. The authorities involved didn’t believe that there was enough evidence to bring a criminal sexual conduct charge against Warner, so they filed a false allegation charge against his accuser. However, the University of North Dakota, who was presented with the same information that the police had been given, concluded that Warner was guilty of assaulting the female and as a result suspended him from taking classes and from being on campus for three years.

Having a false allegation of criminal sexual conduct brought against you while attending a college or university can have negative consequences, as it did for Caleb Warner. College hearing boards often do not have the same protections as a courtroom would and they offer a much more biased panel of “judges”. Charges of criminal sexual conduct are serious matters that need to be handled by an experienced attorney. The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, P.C. will make sure that you are not only prepared with a proper defense for the legal system, but we will represent you at the university level as well. It is important to retain a qualified and experienced attorney to handle any allegations of criminal sexual conduct.

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