Smith Blythe, PC is skilled in the practice area of criminal sexual conduct law, including trial. In the experience of defending these types of crimes, knowledge of the trial process, and how trials are conducted, is also gained. In each case of criminal sexual conduct the facts are unique and require the upmost attention from a defense attorney in order to conduct a proper defense trial. It is important to have adequate experience with of all of the steps involved in the legal process, especially the trial, of a criminal sexual conduct case to achieve the best result.

A Proper Trial is Essential for Crimes of Criminal Sexual Conduct

In 2006, Jacob Trakhtenberg, a Michigan resident and Russian immigrant, was sent to prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting his 8-year-old daughter after a trial on his behalf concluded after only 53 minutes. Trakhtenberg’s attorney did not make an opening statement, call any witnesses at trial, and waived his right to have a trial before a jury of his peers.

Trakhtenberg was released from prison in 2012 after the Michigan Supreme Court overturned his conviction. The Michigan Supreme Court also allowed for Trakhtenberg to bring a civil suit against his defense attorney for malpractice based on a violation of his constitutional rights and is now in the process of doing so. Trakhtenberg still preserves his innocence against the charges that were brought against him.

The Law Offices of Shannon Smith considers the firm’s lawyers to be trial lawyers. Not only do we actually try cases in front of juries, but we also attend the best trainings throughout the country to be the very best. Not every lawyer has the experience and know how to try a case in front of a jury. While many cases are resolved short of a trial, either through favorable plea bargains or dismissals, many cases do actually go to trial. It is critical you have an attorney who can handle each and every part of trial to provide you with the best defense.

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