An 18 year-old woman from Monroe County is now facing a possible charge of filing a false police report after she falsely claimed she was abducted in Bedford Township on August 7, 2014. Hayley Turner, was first reported to have been abducted while heading home from a Monroe County video store on August 7, 2014. Turner told a friend during a phone call that she saw a man lying in a ditch. Seconds later, she told the friend that the man had a gun and then the phone disconnected. The friend called Turner’s father, who drove to the scene and found his daughter’s car still running and unoccupied. A motorist in Ecorse found Turner the next day, about 16 hours later, standing on a corner.

After interviewing Turner, Ecorse Police determined that her story did not add up, and according to police, she admitted to lying about the abduction. Police are puzzled by the case, primarily, because Turner’s possible motive for the false allegation is still unknown.

Although this case involves a false allegation of an abduction, false allegations are often the center of many criminal sexual conduct and child abuse cases. Smith Blythe, PC are skilled attorneys who are experienced in handling cases involving false allegations.

Motivations for False Allegations in CSC and Child Abuse Cases

A false allegation involves the reporting of a false crime or fabricated offense to law enforcement. Children or adults, and men or women, can raise false allegations of CSC or child abuse.
False allegations can result from various underlying motivations such as: attention seeking behavior; appeals for sympathy; revenge; hyper-vigilance, seeking an advantage in a family law matter; financial gain; providing an alibi; and mental health issues. A false allegation may also be the product of suggestive or improper questioning of a child.

False allegations can occur in many situations, and when you are at the center of a false allegation of abuse, the consequences can be immense, especially if a child is involved. False allegation cases are among the more complex and difficult to understand and often times, require the use of expert witnesses. Many times in child abuse cases false allegations stem from accidents involving children that law enforcement and CPS mischaracterize as alleged abuse.

Smith Blythe, PC are experienced in handling cases of false allegations and have the knowledge and skills necessary to defend a false allegation case. Contact The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith to discuss your case today.

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