A common misconception is that all perpetrators of criminal sexual conduct, particularly rape or sexual assault, are male. Until 2012, the definition of rape as given by the FBI was strictly directed towards female victims; however, the definition no longer includes the specific sex of the victim because rape allegations against women are arising more frequently. Although it may seem rare, allegations of rape are made against females frequently.

James Landrith, a former Marine, said he was raped by a pregnant woman who gave him a ride home from the bar one evening in 1990. Landrith said that he awoke to the woman straddling him who then proceeded to force herself upon him. She used her pregnancy as assurance that Landrith wouldn’t fight against her. Landrith never ended up seeking punishment against his alleged rapist. However, he is now an activist on speaking up against the sexual assaults happening against males. He urges males to speak out and file charges against females for rape accusations, a thing that he claims most men won’t do.

It is becoming more acceptable for men to bring these allegations. In a study done in 2010, it was found that 1 in 71 men had admitted to having been raped across the country. These confessions may turn into allegations of rape and may result in a charge of criminal sexual conduct against a female. Rape allegations are serious crimes of criminal sexual conduct and they need to be addressed in a particular fashion. The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, P.C. holds the skill that are needed to address charges of criminal sexual conduct in the appropriate way and provide the best defense against your charge. Smith Blythe, PC is highly experienced in criminal sexual conduct law. If you are a female, or male, being accused of a crime of criminal sexual conduct, please contact our office for a consultation. Shannon Smith has specific experience representing numerous females who have been accused of and charged with criminal sexual conduct.

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