Smith Blythe, PC is a private law firm located in Michigan, Michigan that is focused on defending crimes of criminal sexual conduct and child abuse. Being accused of a crime of criminal sexual conduct can bring emotional hardships and can be frightening to those accused and to the members of his or her family. Finding the right attorney to represent you can bring comfort to the situation and is essential in providing the best outcome for your case. Every case is unique, and though the outcome can never be guaranteed having a strong and experienced legal team providing your defense can bring reassurance during this difficult time.

Choosing Between a Public Defender and Private Attorney for Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Public defenders are defense attorneys that are provided to accused parties by request on part of the accused. Public defenders are provided by the state to an individual who cannot afford a private attorney to appear on their behalf in front of the court. It has been shown recently that the public defense system in the United States is extremely overworked and overwhelmed with cases. In order for a public defense attorney to dedicate the right amount of time needed to defend a case properly, he or she would need more hours available to him or her than are currently provided. As a result of this case overload, unfortunately, accused parties will end up pleading guilty to allegations because the public defender has not provided the adequate time that is required to properly review a case.

An accused party may chose to use a public defender solely because he or she is not financially equipped to retain a private defense attorney. Sometimes, if you get one of the overburdened and overworked public defenders with a heavy caseload, this can result the accused’s case not receiving the attention that his or her specific case needs to achieve the best possible outcome. In criminal sexual conduct case, it is imperative to have the right amount of time dedicated to your case and defense because of the nature of these crimes. Choosing a private attorney can assure that your case will be getting the care that it needs because of the smaller caseload these attorneys take on. Our office does not take on every case, and therefore, we are able to dedicate more than ample time and attention to each case we do handle.

The Law Offices of Shannon Smith, P.C. will devote the amount of time needed to properly defend you during your criminal sexual conduct case. The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, P.C. is passionate about each case it takes on. This dedication can ensure comfort to the accused and their loved ones during this difficult time and, also, ensure that the case will be defended effectively in order to receive the best possible outcome.

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