During September, 2011, Shannon Smith was named a “Rising Star” by Superlawyers.  To be selected as a Rising Star by Superlawyers, other Michigan lawyers had to nominate and rate Shannon Smith.

Shannon Smith has spent the last several years focused on representing clients accused of sex crimes in Michigan.  She has dedicated her practice so that she can truly be well versed in this area of the law.  Shannon Smith finds that by focusing on this narrow area of practice, she has been able to more effectively represent clients accused of criminal sexual conduct in many ways.  Aside from winning cases and acquittals, Shannon has found that by having knowledge of and relationships with various experts, she has also been able to obtain more favorable plea offers for clients who preferred to resolve their case short of trial.  Even better, Shannon has helped numerous clients avoid charges altogether and had charges dismissed for several clients.

Shannon Smith believes that the best representation for any type of crime is achieved by hiring a lawyer who focuses specifically on the type of crime charged.  For drunk driving cases, it is critical to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the science and technical aspects to the case.  For medical marijuana cases, there are lawyers who know more about that specialty than others.  Shannon Smith has chosen to focus on sex crimes and criminal sexual conduct.  Many lawyers do not realize that sex cases are the same and that there is a tremendous amount of scientific research, psychological studies and other resources that can help win cases.  The problem for many lawyers is that they do not realize what they don’t know is out there.  Shannon has experience with all of the expert aspects to sex crime cases and can identify issues that other lawyers may miss.

Sex cases are not like other types of criminal cases.  They are a breed of their own.  If you or someone close to you is accused of a sex crime, call Shannon Smith or Gail Benson to set up a consultation today.

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