On October 1, 2011, Shannon Smith officially graduated from the Trial Lawyers College.  Shannon was one of 55 lawyers chosen to spend 24 days in Dubois, Wyoming, on Gerry Spence’s ranch training with some of the best lawyers in the country.  Not every lawyer is accepted to the program.  Applicants must write essays and have significant experience to be accepted.   Shannon was thrilled to be accepted into the September 2011 program and definitely believes that this unique training opportunity will help her continued success in defending sex crimes.

The focus of the program centered around jury trials and learning how to connect with the people who will decide the fate of the firm’s clients.  The Trial Lawyers College was an amazing experience that has undoubtedly helped Shannon Smith become even more unstoppable and tell the story of each client more effectively.  The focus of Shannon’s practice is defending sex crimes.  Every case the firm works on usually involves a complicated story full of emotion, motivations and people looking for secondary gain.  The storytelling methods taught through the Trial Lawyers College are valuable to defending a sex crime case.  During a consultation with you, Shannon can explain more about this process.

The stories involved in sex cases are far more complicated than most other types of criminal cases.  Each sex case that our firm typically handles usually involves relationships and accusations of sexual misconduct by people who are family members or close to the complaining witness.  Shannon Smith and Gail Benson handle cases that involve children and most frequently, children who have a close bond to the person they accuse.  By using the storytelling methods taught in Wyoming, mixed with our knowledge of expert issues that can help win cases with child accusations, Smith Blythe, PC is sure to put together a winning strategy to defend your case.

Training at the Trial Lawyers College taught new ways to look at each case and new methods to explore each story.  To learn more about how Shannon Smith approaches each case and story, call to set up a consultation.  You will see quickly that she is not like most of the other lawyers out there.

Here is a picture of Shannon Smith with Gerry Spence at the Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming.

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