In the age of technology, more and more sex crimes happen through the Internet, such as the downloading of child pornography or the solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes. These types of issues are still considered to be sex crimes, even though they happen via the Internet.

In January 2014, a family doctor was accused and arrested for a soliciting a minor for sex in Pensacola, Florida. The doctor used the internet to make contact with someone he thought to be a 14-year-old male, however, the “boy” was an adult who was posing as a minor. The doctor had suggested that the two of them meet, presumably for sexual purposes. He was ultimately charged with traveling to meet a juvenile for sex and using a two-way device to commit a felony.

In Michigan, the doctor discussed above would most likely be charged under MCL 750.145d, which deals with use of the internet or a computer for prohibited conduct. Under this law, soliciting a minor under the age of 16, or anyone the individual believes to be a minor under the age of 16, for sexual purposes is a felony and the accused could be subjected to imprisonment and/or a fine. You can even be charged for attempting to commit the crime above. Further, a conviction under this part of Michigan law would likely result in prison time and mandatory sex offender registry.

Situations like the one above happen frequently and are serious sex crimes that need to be addressed by an attorney experienced in defending crimes of a sexual nature. Smith Blythe, PC are experienced in dealing with these types of allegations. At the Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, P.C. we dedicate ourselves to defending sex crimes. If allegations have arose against you dealing with child pornography or using the internet to solicit a minor, contact our office for a consultation about your individual situation.

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